Three Consumer Trends Driving Change in the Security Market

consumer trendsIt’s a compelling time to be in the security industry. As the interactive security market continues to grow, consumers are becoming a driving force for change.

Traditionally, dealers have focused their revenue models on security services, offered as a subscription once the system is installed. And while this generated stable, recurring revenue, it wasn’t fitting into consumers lives, creating a gap between the needs of consumers and what was available in the market.

Now consumers expect ease of use, flexibility and customization, 24/7 access, and as always, great customer service. And while these may seem like high expectations, they’re achievable if the security industry recognizes the power of the consumer’s voice.

Let’s take a look at a few consumer trends currently inspiring change in the security markets:

1. Easy installation
Installing a security system used to be a major undertaking. Traditional systems involve complex installations, often requiring electrical work to bring power to access panels and expensive cellular connections. Security system installation may not have been a consideration when a house was constructed, and every home will be different, adding to the time and expense to install.

Consumers live in real time and have come to expect near immediate results. A quote of up to one week wait, and several hours to install a traditional system may discourage a consumer from purchasing a system. That puts consumers’ motivation at risk and impacts the security industry as well.

The industry is hungry for a more streamlined, scalable, and easy-to-install system (see this 3 min. Helix time-lapse installation video – security for an entire house in less than 13 mins). Wireless technology has given the industry the ability to outfit any structure with a system relatively quickly. Sensors can be placed almost anywhere… no wiring required.

2. Intuitive interfaces
The interfaces on traditional systems present a notoriously difficult learning curve for users. The screens and logic were created with the system in mind rather than the user. A side effect of these challenging interfaces is again, consumer non-compliance and apathy. And once again, we find ourselves in a situation where consumers are at risk and the industry suffers.

We only need to look to the interfaces consumers can’t put down to know what trends we should be following. Simplified, intuitive, haptic interfaces are in two-thirds of the population’s hands every day. Why should a security system’s interface stray from this dynamic?

3. Flexibility and customization
The one-size-fits-all approach hasn’t appealed to consumers for a while now and the security industry is no exception. Every system will have unique needs and constraints which means consumers want flexibility and customization. Whether that means the ability to integrate with legacy systems or hardware or flexibility with the placement of sensors and panels, consumers want solutions that will adapt to their lives, not the other way around.

The future is with the consumer
For the industry to continue to meet the needs of consumers, we need to keep the end user at the center of our designs, service, and revenue models. If the systems we’re developing and selling aren’t anticipating consumers’ evolving needs and expectations, they’ll find ones that do.

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Universal Translator Named by Security Sales & Integration as a Top Innovation of 2016

We’re excited that our Universal Translator has been chosen by Security Sales & Integration as one of its Top 30 Technology Innovations of 2016! The top 30 innovations are a compilation of the year’s top electronic security industry products and solutions handpicked by SSI’s tech editors.

“Resolution Products has been doing so many exciting things the past few years it is sometimes hard to keep track. One of its products that really caught my attention recently is the Universal Translator. Alarm dealers that have the opportunity to take over an existing wireless security system account can now offer a special deal to their new customers.” – Bob Dolph, of Security Sales & Integrations’ Tech Talk column


Click the image above to learn more about Resolution Products’ Universal Translator

Some key benefits of the Universal Translator are:

  • A selector switch making it compatible with almost any panel the dealer is installing
  • The hardwired system provides power to devices using the integrated power supply and backup battery, and is fully UL compliant
  • The RE508X has a well-designed, spacious wiring area simplifying installation

Click below to get in touch with our team to learn more about the Universal Translator or here to find a distributor.

Learn more about the Universal Translator

Dealer’s Edge: Must-Reads of the Week

Welcome to Dealers’ Edge, a bi-weekly collection of the five articles this week that caught our eyes on the web.

As professional dealers, you’re busy focusing on your business, dealing with daily activities to keep your existing customers happy and to find more opportunities with new ones. Oftentimes, you just don’t have the time to keep up and be in-the-know of everything that’s happening in our industry. Yet, you know how important this is to stay competitive.

This is why we dedicate a post every other week to include links to articles that are interesting for our industry. We’ve done the homework so you won’t have to search for what’s important and what’s not.


Here are the five interesting articles we found this week:

Connectivity Where We Live And Work

By Thread Group

Today, there are many business applications that are driving the expansion of IoT in commercial buildings and the professional sector. Thread provides an IP-based reliable, low-power, secure and scalable mesh networking solution – making it a natural choice for connectivity beyond the home. From building security to energy management and lighting Thread Group’s President, Grant Erickson explains Thread’s role in the commercial building domain.

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On Millennials, DIY, Smart Homes, Professional Installation and the Business of IoT Things

By Julie Jacobson

In a CE Pro article not too long ago, I said it: the DIY trend is starting to get scary. I addressed some challenges in the pro channel considering the new world order — one that includes very good, very inexpensive smart-home solutions for do-it-your-selfers, along with an entire ecosystem that makes it simpler for people to purchase and install their smart devices, whether by themselves or with a little guidance from a pro.

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Why Insurance Companies Want to Subsidize Your Smart Home

By Stacey Higginbotham

Insurers such USAA and American Family have lately begun offering to strike a high-tech bargain: wire your home with Internet-connected devices such as a new thermostat, and get a discount on your home insurance policy in return.

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Stepping Up Security for an Internet-of-Things World

By Steve Lohr

The vision of the so-called internet of things — giving all sorts of physical things a digital makeover — has been years ahead of reality. But that gap is closing fast.

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Smart-Home and Other Convenience Updates That Add Resale Value

By Anne Machalinski

Whether it’s a new state-of-the-art kitchen, a landscaped front yard or the addition of a top floor and roof deck on a townhouse, some updates can translate to real value on the resale of a luxury property, while others can fall flat.

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Security Dealers Can Improve Consumers’ Lives With Helix

Every 14.6 seconds, a burglary occurs in the United States. Many homeowners believe it won’t happen to them, but according to Frank Chaput’s article, this startling statistic proves that unprotected properties are always at risk. In fact, the intruder may be residing in your same neighborhood, just mere miles from your home. Lisa and Bradford Schulz are no strangers to this fact. Last September, they experienced a forced entry break-in that greatly rocked their sense of security and safety.

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Don’t Be Shy About DIY

Professional DIY is a path to growth for dealers. Here’s why.

Experienced professionals in the security industry have seen trends and ideas come and go, but there’s an unchanging list of truisms with which virtually every dealer still agrees:

  • Account creation costs can’t be too low
  • Recurring revenue can’t be too high
  • “Do-it-yourself” (DIY) programs rarely work

While the underlying principles of the first two statements are core to building a successful security dealership, recent advances in technology and consumer demand have created new market opportunities for professional dealers. The industry has embraced smartphones as a key part of its offering, and has leveraged multiple communication technologies in the home to deliver innovative new automation offerings for consumers.  These trends helped establish new wireless security offerings from all panel manufacturers, delivering fancy touch screens and multiple RF technologies all crammed into a box installed on the wall.

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Home Automation Exists To Fulfill Real Human Needs

In Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, the most basic human needs are physiological. This includes making sure food is in your belly, air is in your lungs, and you catch a decent amount of Zzz’s. The second layer of human needs are security-based, including having peace of mind that you have a roof over your head, and your family is protected.

Maslow hirerarchy

Perhaps the area where home automation has had the greatest impact so far is in Maslow’s second  most basic need: security.

We’ve talked before on the blog about how Kickstarter-backed Peeple makes your front door more secure, but what about the things that aren’t so obvious? How do you stay protected even while you’re sleeping?

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ISC West 2015: Recaps & Happenings from the Security Industry’s Largest Event

ISC West is one of the biggest events of the year. We were excited to take part in the conversation and have attendees see and experience the Helix platform in person. Here’s a roundup of ISC West happenings and content following the incredible event.

SSI Editor Checks in With 14 ISC West Exhibitors
Editor-in-Chief Scott Goldfine sums up select highlights from his busy show schedule including a check-in with Resolution Products. “The really hot item is the firm’s new Helix panel, which can be installed virtually anywhere and communicates with smartphones via Bluetooth and Internet. The modem-like device has no GUI and when combined with SecureNet Technologies services is positioned to facilitate Internet of Things (IoT)-type connectivity and control.”

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What Does Wireless Home Security Really Mean?

Ben NyeMeet Benjamin Nye, husband, father of three girls, tennis and golf enthusiast and Internet of Things technology consultant. Benjamin and his family recently moved from a traditional security system with a panel on the wall to the wireless Helix platform. We asked Benjamin to share what home security– specifically wireless home security– means to him and his family.

Here’s Benjamin to share his experience– 

With a growing family and a new home, I bought a security system for peace of mind and safety for my family about six years ago. Over time, the system became rather antiquated and limited. I wanted a system that could do more. Being in the technology space, I know and trust the knowledge of the people who built the Helix. Because they were a part of its creation, I knew it’d be nothing less than a rock-solid solution, so we decide to go with it.

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Lessons Learned in Building an Award-Winning Product for the Security & Home Automation Industry

Innovation has rapidly changed the home security industry, and we’re proud to be a part of it. We’re able to play a role in this evolving world because of our team of engineers who find creative solutions to improve the businesses of the security dealers we partner with and the lives of homeowners who have our products.

The Helix platform, launched in December 2014, is the first professional security panel designed to deliver interactive security and home automation services from a customer’s mobile device.

In the past, Resolution Products has been well-known for making compatible sensors, but not the full system. Over time, dealers started suggesting, “You guys should build a panel. You should do what all the other guys are out there doing, but do it right. You guys get it.” With the dealer voice in mind, our engineering team set out to create something new for the market, instead of just another panel.

Security panel

How the Resolution Products Engineering Team Took on the Creation of the Helix. Read the Full Story Below. 

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Building Business Around DIY Security: Insight from Peter Giacalone

Home automation pic

Installing an alarm system can be a sophisticated process, requiring trained and experienced professionals to ensure a properly working unit and a safe install. Due to advances in security technology and the availability of information online, including how-tos and support forums, self-installations are possible for many homeowners.

With self-installation, the work and responsibility lies in the hands of the homeowner. This can be a challenge for security dealers, but it also presents a great opportunity.

In DIY Security Real Deal but Not for the Faint of Heart, security industry expert Peter Giacalone provides insight on the profitability of providing do-it-yourself security solutions as a security dealer, and the challenges that come along with the territory.

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