Home Automation Exists To Fulfill Real Human Needs

In Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, the most basic human needs are physiological. This includes making sure food is in your belly, air is in your lungs, and you catch a decent amount of Zzz’s. The second layer of human needs are security-based, including having peace of mind that you have a roof over your head, and your family is protected.

Maslow hirerarchy


Perhaps the area where home automation has had the greatest impact so far is in Maslow’s second  most basic need: security.

We’ve talked before on the blog about how Kickstarter-backed Peeple makes your front door more secure, but what about the things that aren’t so obvious? How do you stay protected even while you’re sleeping?

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Tech Talk: What do DIY Systems Mean for the Professional Security Industry?

Are DIY systems a threat to the success of professional security dealers? An opportunity? Both? Who better to ask than top security experts who live and breath this space. So, we set out to get your perspective on what emerging DIY systems mean for professional security dealers.

“What do DIY systems by companies like Google (Nest), Apple and Best Buy (Peq) mean for the professional security industry? How can professional security dealers stay relevant in this competitive market?”


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The Smart Device Scoop Without the Buzz: Five Resources for Foundational Knowledge

Let’s be honest, all of the talk about smart devices, the Internet of Things and smart or connected homes can sound like a mashup of buzz words without meaning. So, we found a five great resources– videos, articles, info graphics and presentations– that take a step back and focus on the foundation: what really is a smart device?

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