Firmware Release Notes

Resolution Products continues to invest in improving the Helix and IGM platform and peripherals. The systems are designed to support remote firmware upgrades, allowing these changes to be easily updated not only to our new production systems, but also easily pushed out to installed and connected units in the field.

This section will provide updates on firmware changes. As a policy, we will make updates available immediately to field units for any critical bug fixes. We will likely push enhancements out a few times per year. Each release note will indicate if it was launched for new production or for all units. Those releases that aren’t immediately made available to field units will be updated during our next scheduled field release.

Every Helix system will check for updates once per day, or during a full power cycle event. It is possible to restrict updates on Helix systems through programming configuration, but we do not recommend this. A special release note will be added when IGMs check in as well.

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