The Helix Platform

The Helix platform is a revolutionary new architecture. Install Helix anywhere in the home providing a more discreet, secure, and cost-effective installation. Helix provides security and automation with breakthrough performance.

Helix Platform Components

See how Helix can reduce your account creation costs...


Encrypted security sensors for improved privacy and account retention.


Ethernet standard, with optional cellular and WiFi.


More than twice the range of other wireless security systems.


Easy take-over of existing installations with integrated Translator option cards.


Complete security plus full home
automation features over Bluetooth
LE and Z-Wave® communications.


Cellular can be used as primary or back-up communications.

Connected to life, not the wall.

The first and only platform designed to provide control and automation from user phones and tablets. We removed the panel touchscreen to provide flexible installation options and to reduce the user learning curve. No unfamiliar user interface – Just instant control and convenience from the devices they already love.


locks, lights and thermostats over the
smartphone interface.

Be Notified

when kids arrive home, and view them over application integrated camera interfaces.

Enjoy Peace-of-Mind

through the high-performance security sensors with CryptiX™ encryption technology.