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In rare cases installers have been unable to join the HeliLink installer app with Helix. From HeliLink you may receive an unable to join or timeout error. The following steps should eliminate these problematic errors. After each step attempt to join the app with Helix again.

-Close app from multitasking. Double tap the Home Button and swipe up on the application.
-Turn bluetooth off and back on
-Move away from the customers WiFi router and any computer with USB 3.0 ports.
-Complete power cycle of your iOS device
-Power cycle Helix
-Delete HeliLink and download again from the App Store.
-Ensure the Apple device is on the latest software version. Go to Settings app>General>Software Update
-Test with a known good bluetooth device or test with another iOS device
-Factory default Helix. This will remove any previously configured zones and settings from the panel. If the Helix already has a large configuration set up it may be wise to access the dealer portal using Safari on your iOS device or another computer.


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