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General Z-Wave Notes

  • Z-Wave has limited range, so install devices close together.  50 feet max, even less if there walls in between the devices.  If customer wants to place a device farther than this, or customer is having range issues, place some devices in between the IGM/Helix and the end device to fill the gap.  Z-Wave messages should hop from device to device, each device that has wall power usually acts as a repeater (mesh system).
  • Every device has its own way to enroll into the IGM/Helix, so please refer the manual.  Some require a single button press, some require two, some require a key code sequence; they’re all different.
  • Low batteries in door locks can cause a myriad of problems.  It is not much of an issue with Schlage or Yale locks, but mostly an issue with Kwikset locks.  Even if the battery level is reporting 70% life with Kwikset and it’s having problems, replace the batteries.


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