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If your DSC panel has periodically been stating “System is Unavailable” the explanation is as follows:

On the DSC panel, the IGM acts as a keypad and a Printer Interface Module(PC5400).  Since DSC panels only talk to one keypad at a time you may occasionally see “System is Unavailable” when trying to control the system with a keypad.  When this happens, it indicates the IGM is currently communicating with the panel.  This usually only lasts 5-6 seconds, but can last up to 90 seconds if the panel has been recently power cycled, user codes have recently been changed or at 3:00 AM when the IGM performs some daily panel checks.  The IGM is supervised by the DSC panel as a PC5400 module.  If the panel loses communication with the IGM, the DSC keypad will indicate a supervision failure on a PC5400 Module.  Be sure that no PC5400 module is connected to the DSC panel as it will interfere with the supervision of the IGM.


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