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If only one Signal Strength bar is lit:

    1. Check the antenna’s connection to the connector at the top of the IGM.  The nut should be finger-tight (do not overtighten with a wrench or it may break).
    2. Relocate the IGM. Get the antenna higher in the home or closer to a window. Note that it may take up to 30 seconds for the signal strength to update after you relocate it.  Make sure the antenna is mounted as high up as possible.  Remember that the Flex IGM connects to the panel via a 3 or 4 wire bus and does NOT need to be located next to the alarm panel.  It can also be wired to any keypad, since it uses the keypad bus.  The Simon IGM is tougher to relocate but we do sell an optional antenna with a 2.5m (RE034) antenna cable so you can relocate the antenna. Your distribute may have another antenna available. You can connect any antenna with a male SMA adapter to the radio.
    3. Switch between GSM and CDMA modules as needed. Internet based modules are also available.



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