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Device Setup Page on Website & Mobile Application 

  1. You may press “Add” and “Delete” as many times in a row as you’d like, or back and forth, current firmware handles this correctly and changes states to whatever was last clicked.  Just remember what you last clicked.
  2. If “Add” or “Delete” is pressed but no device is added or deleted, the IGM/Helix will stay in “Add” or “Delete” mode for 60 seconds before timing out. If the installer forgets this and starts pressing buttons LOCALLY on an already installed device, the IGM/Helix may attempt to “Add” or “Remove” it.
  3. If “Add” or “Delete” is pressed and no device is added or deleted, if the installed instead tries to start controlling devices from the WEBSITE OR MOBILE APP, this is okay. Current IGM/Helix firmware will automatically cancel the last “Add” or “Delete” before the 60 seconds are up and move on to the new command.
  4. Pressing the “Optimize Network” button:  Even though the web interface and mobile app say “Please wait up to 30 seconds to complete”, it ACTUALLY takes around 30 seconds PER DEVICE to complete. If the installer starts trying to control devices right away, the optimize command will get canceled prematurely.
  5. Discover button will attempt to re-check all devices on the network if they’re still there, or missing, and attempt to update some of their current states. This may take up to a minute PER DEVICE, please be patient when trying to control devices immediately after pressing this button.
  6. Reset Button:  Pressing this will default the IGM/Helix Z-Wave and forget ALL devices on the network.
    1. If you press this button, all devices will be removed from the IGM/Helix, HOWEVER the devices themselves DO NOT KNOW THIS.
    2. If you want to re-add the devices to the same IGM/Helix, or a different system, you MUST delete the devices first before adding them again as stated in the add-delete section above.


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