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Every Helix system must have at least one contact associated with it.  This “Master Contact” is created at the time of installation.

If you want to add a new contact to an account, you can do so using the Dealer Portal.

A few things to keep in mind:

  1. Phone numbers added to the Dealer Portal Account screen can not include any special characters (even dashes), so just enter numbers.
  2. The User Name and Password are stored for website or SmartLink application login only.  They are not processed by Helix for arming or disarming.  Helix can accept up to 50 users.  Each user will have a PIN that is between 4 and 10 numeric digits.  These can be programmed through the dealer portal.
  3. The Helix PIN will be used to disarm the panel using the SmartLink app, a PINPad, or HeliPad keypad device.
  4. Each Helix User can also have an associated Fob.  The event buffer in Helix will record arming and disarming activity by User – no matter which interface they use.
  5. Each user can have different authority levels, outlining what arming/disarming activities they can perform.  If you want to review the settings, you can do this on the SecureNet Dealer Portal.

The video below will outline the process to add a new contact, change a PIN, or delete a contact.


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