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A blinking Platform LED indicates IGM can’t communicate with the panel.

        1. Verify the panel indicator switch location
        2. Verify wiring
        3. Verify the panel is supported by the gateway (both panel type and version)
        4. Verify panel is disarmed and not in program mode
        5. Verify Master Code is not out of sync

Honeywell Specific:

        1. Verify AUI 2 is enabled
        2. Verify *91 option (see manual for details)
        3. Verify LRR is enabled
        4. Verify an AUI 2 or LRR device doesn’t already exist on the bus.

Concord Specific:

        1. Verify module is enrolled into the Concord bus.  Perform a bus scan.
        2. Verify an automation or wireless reporting device doesn’t already exist on the bus.  If so, remove and delete this device.

NX Specific:

        1. Some NX panels limit the number of non-keypad devices they support. Be sure that the panel you are connecting the communicator to does not have more than the number of support devices connected.  (i.e. some NX-4 panels only support 1 module in addition to keypads so cannot support both an IGM and a wireless receiver).


If the Platform LED is OFF go HERE.


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