IGM Training Course for Honeywell Installation

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1) Important IGM Pre-Course Information

Author: Kyle Fosburgh

Important Pre-Course Information For Central Station Requirements & Eligibility for SecureNet Enrollment Hello, Thank you for your interest in our Interactive Gateway Modules (IGMs). Before you begin the course, there are some important steps that need to be taken before you move forward with distributing and selling IGMs. 1 First, you must find a compatible [...]

2) Creating an IGM account

Author: Kyle Fosburgh

This video will demonstrate the set up of a new IGM account. KEY POINTS: +Login with your dealer credentials provided by your central station +Learn which section to add your gateway serial number/MAC address +Know where you add the panels Master code

3) Part Numbers and Models

Author: Kyle Fosburgh

The following content will show the part numbers associated with each type of connection available for an IGM. KEY POINTS: +Learn the communication paths available for IGMs + Understand the fundamental hardware of the IGM +Learn compatible panels

4) Honeywell Installation

Author: Kyle Fosburgh

Before getting into wiring the gateway module its important to cover a number of programming sections. Download the following cheat sheet in the link below. Use this as a guide as a reference when programming. At this time take a moment to check over the programming sections on a Honeywell panel.   Download Now!   The video demonstrates [...]

5) Gateway Troubleshooting

Author: Kyle Fosburgh

This section will give insight to various issues that may occur during and installation and their solutions. KEY POINTS: Normal LED boot up sequence Learn the meaning of blinking or flashing LEDs Listen for issues with Master Code out of sync

6) User Interface and Z-Wave Enrollment

Author: Kyle Fosburgh

This video will cover functionality of the user end smartphone application, web portal, and Z-Wave enrollment KEY POINTS: +Learn core navigation of the user application and web portal +Arm and disarm the system +Enroll and control Z-Wave devices
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