Tech Talk: 3 ways security systems help manage Mother Nature


Welcome to Tech Talk, a monthly series with Kyle Fosburgh, training and support specialist at Resolution Products. In this column, Kyle covers the topics that he encounters every day in his work with professional security dealers. If you have suggestions for Tech Talk topics, leave a comment below for a future post.




The heart of winter is upon us which makes this the perfect time to talk about the solutions dealers can suggest during the cold weather months. Security—and peace of mind—isn’t just about protecting against home invasion, it’s about anticipating Mother Nature, as well. Here are a few considerations your customers should keep in mind when choosing their security system:Trident 6

  • Temperature monitoring – Many systems can monitor temperatures within a home or apartment, alerting occupants of high heat or
    freezing temperatures.
  • Flood monitoring – Be sure your system includes flood monitoring. Water damage is a leading cause of home insurance claims.and even those in colder climates still have concerns with pipes freezing and causing water damage.
  • Easy installation – Look for a system that gives the ability to easily monitor all areas of the home. Attics, sump basins, cellars, furnace and boiler rooms and the like.
  • These can all be difficult areas of the home for sensor placement and RF range.


Temperature monitoring – some systems can monitor temperatures within a home or apartment, alerting occupants of high heat or freezing temperaturesResolution Products has a wide variety of support to help manage Mother Nature. Our Helix platform supports all three of our environmental devices and with lightning fast alerts you can get a notice if any environmental condition is present in your home. The Trident sensor, Home Disaster, and Temp Range sensor are also available in compatible formats for GE/Interlogix, Honeywell, DSC, and 2GIG. This allows Resolution Products to offer peace of mind around the industry.

Adding these value-added features to a home intrusion system is an easy sell as it helps your customers protect their belongings, pets, and insurance premiums!



Click below to talk to our team to learn more about how the Helix platform,  the Trident sensor, Home Disaster, or the Temp Range sensor can help keep tabs on the environments inside homes and apartments.

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