The 7 Coolest Connected Finds at CES 2015

#CES2015 was a blast, and we’re lucky enough to come home with some hardware. Resolution Products was awarded the TechHome 2015 Mark of Excellence Award for Residential Security Product of the Year Award for the Helix Security and Home Automation Platform from the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA). View all of the CEA Mark of Excellence Award winners here.


The Internet of Things and the connected home were dominant at this year’s show, and there was no shortage of gadgets and new ways to connect with the devices in your home. Now that CES is behind us, we’ve had a minute to reflect on what we saw, and wanted to share with you the coolest connected innovations we came across.


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What Not to Miss at #CES2015 in the Connected Home Category

CES, the world’s largest consumer electronics show, will bring together the most innovative products and companies from around the world. The connected home, also known as the smart home, is one of the fastest growing categories within consumer electronics. At this year’s International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, January 6-9, smart home technologies and gadgets will be among the most highly anticipated attractions.

2015 International CES

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Home Automation is Sexy, But Security Protection Sells

Smart home gadgets are all the rage. From smartphone-controlled lights and garage doors to crock-pots you can control from miles away, there are tons of connected “things” that make up today’s connected home. But, does the most important aspect of the smart home, the smart home’s true foundation, get overlooked? 

Turning on your air-conditioner on the way home from work is cool– and it’s even incredibly helpful. But, what’s better than cool and interesting is necessity. Security is the smart home necessity. With the right security platform, it can become the foundation in which other smart home pieces– the cool or interesting things– can be built upon. 

Lowe’s recently conducted a smart home survey, polling adults 18 and older. Among the results of the survey, 52 percent of Americans feel that having a smart home is at least somewhat important to them. The most telling statistic is that 62 percent of Americans who completed the survey rank security and home monitoring as the most beneficial reason to own a smart home. This surpassed other benefits of smart homes, including cutting costs and saving money on energy bills (40 percent).

Security Sells

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All Things Connected: Customer Relationships & the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things has changed the way companies approach customer relationships. Sell it and forget it is a thing of the past. Customers have new expectations for the organizations– and people–that they buy from.

In Here’s Why Every Company Is A Service Provider In The Internet Of Things Era, Michael Wolf says, “By maintaining ties with your customer and providing an ongoing service relationship over the life of a product, chances are you’ll see benefits in lower overall support costs, higher customer retention, and better product understanding (which ultimately means better product creation).”

Internet of Things Changes Product Interaction

He goes on to explain how the landscape has changed.

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All Things Connected: How Can The Internet of Things Help You Connect to Customers?

You know the story– more devices are connected and accessible via smartphones than ever. But, this connectability not only makes consumers lives easier, it provides a new opportunity for businesses to connect with customers.


In 3 Ways the Internet of Things is Shaping Brand-Consumer Relationships, Alex Nunez points out that “as we connect ever more items to this Internet of Things (IoT), the relationship between consumers who use the objects and the brands that manufacture them will invariably change. For businesses looking to stay relevant in the era of IoT, learning to manage and leverage the new dynamic in brand-consumer relationships will be key.”

Internet of Things

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All Things Connected: Report Says Nearly 70 Percent of Consumers Will Have In-House IoT Devices

Darren Allan of BetaNews covered the Acquity Group (part of Accenture Interactive) 2014 State of the Internet of Things Study this week, which has the latest Internet of Things (IoT) and consumer adoption statistics.

As Allan points out, the headline statistic is that the firm estimates 69 percent of consumers will own an in-home IoT device by the year 2019.Connected Technology Adoption by Consumers

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Consumers Focus their Internet of Things on the Smart Home

The market for smart home products is about to get crowded as broadband providers and major retailers chase after the same market. New research has found that young people and new homeowners are most likely to purchase Internet-connected energy devices and install them in their homes. Young consumers between 25 and 34 years old are much more likely to own at least one smart energy management device. The Internet of Things study done by Parks Associates shows that 10 percent of broadband households across the United States headed by a consumer in that age group own at least one device and 4 percent own five or more. Compare that to 7 percent of all broadband households across the nation owning at least one device.

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