Demand for Innovative Security Technologies is on the Rise and We’re here to Meet it

Security dealers have to constantly stay on top of the latest advances in products available. Because they know to compete and win business, they have to offer consumers the best in order to meet their changing demands. At the same time, like business owners of other industries, security dealers are also looking for ways to improve their bottom line.


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Don Weber Joins Resolution Products as Vice President of Sales

We’re excited that Don Weber has joined Resolution Products executive staff as our Vice President of Sales. Don will scale the Sales organization to serve our expanding product line and diverse customer base.


“Don is a powerful addition, with strongly relevant experience both inside and outside security; a key qualification for a fast growing, disruptive company in the converging connected-home market,” said Brian Seemann, President of Resolution Products.


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Connected Home Products Demo on the Thread at CES2016

This year at CES,  the Thread Group and Resolution Products led a successful collaboration demo of products working on the Thread network. The Thread technology which was described in an earlier post, was developed to meet the needs of smart home devices for in-home networking and IP requirements. It aims to improve the network connectivity of connected home devices while addressing current issues present in existing home networking protocols and standards.

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Smart Home Highlights via Top Tweets from CES 2016

As many predicted, the smart home was one of the main themes at CES 2016 (#CES2016). Many companies, big and small, unveiled their exciting innovations last week in Vegas. We pulled together some tweets that share what the show—and latest and greatest smart home technologies—have to offer.

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An Insider’s Guide to CES2016 With a Smart Home Focus

CES in Las Vegas is the biggest international event of the year showcasing the latest of consumer electronic innovations.  This year, CES2016 will take place January 6-9. It’s once again promising exciting introductions from companies like Sony, Samsung, LG, GM, BWM and many more.  Attendees will have the chance to meet new technologies around wearables, automotives, smart home and even “smart city” for the first time.

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Your Guide to CEDIA 2015

Are you ready for CEDIA 2015? CEDIA, the Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association, is the leading global authority in the $14 billion home technology industry. This expo is where the industry comes together to explore what’s new and exciting in our homes.


See what’s shaping tomorrow on the Show Floor

The Show Floor is where you can get your hands on cutting edge smart home technologies. Hundreds of exhibitors will showcase everything imaginable.

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Is Cellular Service Really Mandatory?

With self-contained systems becoming old news, do security dealers really need to spend more on cellular services for their customers?

The whole security industry has bought into cellular. Phone-based Interactive services have become a must-have for consumers. With nearly 7 billion cell phones in the world, this demand is understandable. The challenge for dealers is that most platforms require a cellular module be added to the panel in order to offer interactive plans.   Dealers will position this as a value to the consumer, but in reality it is an unnecessary cost.

But isn’t a cellular card required to provide interactive services? With new technology innovations happening every day, the answer is no.

Self-contained systems are widely used, but they need to be installed near an entrance door for the consumer to conveniently control it. However, this presents significant hurdles for dealers to make the communications connection. In order to enable interactive services and more importantly the alarm reporting, the dealer has to purchase a cellular card for around $100 dollars, greatly increasing their account creation costs. In an effort to appease their customers, the interactive providers will arm the dealer with material attempting to demonstrate the value consumers get by having a cellular connection.

So how does the dealer save money, but still provide these valuable services?

With a hub that provides all the benefits of a wireless self-contained platform, but is inherently designed to deliver smartphone interactive services.  A system that comes standard with an ethernet port; an uncontained system designed to be easily installed near an ethernet communication point.

Helix provides a supervised ethernet connection on every installation, providing full UL compliant alarm reporting and interactive services for every user. Cellular can now be presented as an added benefit, delivering two supervised communication paths for the security system. By positioning this as an add-on, the consumer can be asked to pay the extra hardware costs, and potentially even a small increase in the monthly fees. They receive the real and psychological value of back-up communications, and the dealer reduces costs.

Wireless innovations are giving dealers new opportunities to reduce account creation costs and grow their businesses. And that’s what Resolution Products strives for.

Helix was invented to provide both dealers and consumers with options. The option to install the system where the dealer needs to, the option for the customer to control using their smart device, and a modular architecture that allows dealers to only add cellular, Wi-Fi or Z-Wave expansion cards when needed. This means the dealer doesn’t have to empty their pockets to keep their customers connected and happy.

Cellular service can be a great thing to provide for the consumer. But it shouldn’t be a mandatory expense. Select a platform that gives both you and your customers choice. Select Helix!

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Configure Your Helix Easier Than Ever With The New HeliLink Installer App

Helix made history as the first professional security panel designed from the start to deliver interactive security and home automation services from a mobile device.

Here to make history once again, and make life even easier, today we’re introducing the HeliLink Installer App. HeliLink is a brand new smartphone app that allows you to completely configure the Helix system from—you guessed it—a smartphone.

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