Alula delivers new smart security platform dedicated to professional dealer installers

Alula Holdings, LLC Recently Acquired ipDatatel and Resolution Products
Both Entities Now Operate as Alula, Delivering A Fully Integrated Home and Business Smart Security Platform

HUDSON, WI–(BusinessWire – MARCH 14, 2018) – Alula launched today as a unified group of companies offering a completely integrated smart security platform following  Alula Holdings, LLC’s acquisition of ipDatatel and Resolution Products. Alula includes two award-winning security system leaders that, together, create the most advanced smart security platform designed to meet the needs of today’s customers while simplifying business for professional security dealers, installers and integrators.

Alula is dedicated to making smart security simple for dealers. Alula helps dealers grow their business with a modern and simplified security platform that expands their reach, allowing dealers to win against often unreliable consumer off-the-shelf solutions through a simple, professional, yet easy-to-install approach. Dealers can also use Alula to embrace DIY as part of their strategy and extend into broader, connected home offerings. Alula is the first fully-integrated security product and service platform designed and dedicated entirely to professional dealers and installers. With integrated products and services, Alula allows independent security companies to bank on a single platform for hundreds of security configurations — the two-room townhouse, the suburban spread, the small shopkeeper and the growing business. From voice-controlled and mobile app-driven homes to video monitoring and smart device controls, Alula delivers a modern security solution for increasingly complex installation environments.

“Building Alula for professional dealers means we are advancing Resolution Products and ipDatatel beyond industry-leading sensors, panels, communicators, networks and software,” said Alula Holdings CEO, Brian McLaughlin. “Creating Alula means challenging ourselves to build a competitive advantage for our 3,500 dealer partners. For Alula, simplifying security means making security professionals more productive and profitable.”

Alula Connect+ (based on the popular Helix alarm panel from Resolution Products and the widely deployed SecureSmart Network by ipDatatel) is an innovative and reliable new solution for dealers.. The easy expansion and upgradability of Alula Connect+ ensures integration of smart devices, takeover of wired systems and communications to central stations via IP and cellular. And, Alula’s entire platform is designed to work for  professionals. Leveraging Alula Connect+, alarm dealers have the independence to price, configure and control their installations as they choose. Advanced capabilities provide customers with powerful automation of smart home devices, and integrated video making security a lasting feature of the smart home. Whether integrating existing systems or customer specified retail products, Alula Connect+ puts the professional in charge and provides a reliable point of recurring revenue.

“We are excited about the new company, Alula and are confident the melding of these two companies will be a force multiplier to continue to drive innovation,” said Michael Morton, Chief Revenue Officer, EMC Security. “In an industry filled with disruption we recognize the importance of choosing partners that embrace continual innovation. Both ipDatatel and Resolution Products have impressed us over the years with their ability to listen to the market and develop products that meet the desires of consumers.”

“Professional dealers and installers of security and automation solutions are being undercut by vendors and suppliers who promise the future while trying to make independent dealers a thing of the past,” said Alula Holdings CEO, Brian McLaughlin. “We built Alula to grow the professional dealer businesses as the industry’s best defense against commoditized products and services, off-the-shelf DIY and so-called ’powered-by’ partners that make dealers pay too much for too little.”

About Alula

Alula is the only security platform that delivers security simplified for independent security dealers and installers and the customers who rely on their service and expertise. Today, thousands of dealers across North America have over 250,000 active locations secured and connected with Alula. Designed for professional security professionals, the Alula platform provides a complete security, alarm, video and automation solution for renters, homeowners and commercial installations. Alula is a business-driven security platform designed to reduce truck rolls, increase RMR, simplify inventory and put dealers in control of their business, their customers and their revenue. The Alula platform is available nationwide through distributors that cater to the alarm and integrator industry.


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New CEO to Lead Recently Merged ipDatatel and Resolution Products

HUDSON, WI–(BusinessWire – February 13, 2018) – IPR, Inc. today announced Brian McLaughlin was named CEO to lead the recently merged company in its mission to empower independent security dealers to simplify the connected experience. As CEO, McLaughlin will be responsible for all aspects of the business, based out of the company’s Hudson, Wisconsin headquarters.

“The board is delighted to have found an exceptionally experienced and successful executive to assume the leadership role for this world-class organization,” said Robin Pederson, chairman of IPR. “Brian is joining our talented management team and will lead the recently merged company through its next phase of growth.”

“IPR has a long history of innovation and has brought dozens of firsts to the security industry,” said Phil Clough, managing general partner, ABS Capital. “And Brian McLaughlin’s deep understanding of technology, market strategy and sales channels, along with his track record of delivering sustained, high growth, made him the obvious choice to lead this pioneering connected security company.”

“It is a great honor to join this team of industry leaders. I look forward to applying my insights to driving IPR’s vision, while increasing revenue and profitability for our independent security dealers and integrators,” said Brian McLaughlin, CEO IPR. “Providing the simplest and most complete solutions to help security professionals grow their opportunity is our number one goal.”

Brian McLaughlin was most recently president of the Transportation Mobility division of Trimble, a global connected transportation technology company.  Prior to Trimble, McLaughlin was president of PeopleNet which he joined in 2001 and was acquired by Trimble in 2011. In his leadership and management roles, McLaughlin has led high performing, global teams to achieve significant growth while transitioning to a SaaS business model. He has also helped to shape logistics industry policy on standards and worked with a number of industry organizations on other technology and safety initiatives. McLaughlin has an undergraduate degree in management from Miami University and a Masters of Business Administration from the University of St. Thomas.

Russell Vail and Brian Seemann, founders of ipDatatel and Resolution Products respectively, remain on IPR’s board of directors and will continue in key executive management roles.

About the Merger of ipDatatel and Resolution Products
The newly merged companies provide dealers with a complete security solution ranging from industry-leading wireless sensors to alarm communicators and a unique stand-alone, modern wireless alarm system built for today’s security customer.  In addition, all solutions are powered by a reliable and trusted network for alarm communications, automation, video, and remote programming.  Now security providers can grow their business with a single experience that is flexible and configurable to meet the needs of their individual customer.

Three Consumer Trends Driving Change in the Security Market

consumer trendsIt’s a compelling time to be in the security industry. As the interactive security market continues to grow, consumers are becoming a driving force for change.

Traditionally, dealers have focused their revenue models on security services, offered as a subscription once the system is installed. And while this generated stable, recurring revenue, it wasn’t fitting into consumers lives, creating a gap between the needs of consumers and what was available in the market.

Now consumers expect ease of use, flexibility and customization, 24/7 access, and as always, great customer service. And while these may seem like high expectations, they’re achievable if the security industry recognizes the power of the consumer’s voice.

Let’s take a look at a few consumer trends currently inspiring change in the security markets:

1. Easy installation
Installing a security system used to be a major undertaking. Traditional systems involve complex installations, often requiring electrical work to bring power to access panels and expensive cellular connections. Security system installation may not have been a consideration when a house was constructed, and every home will be different, adding to the time and expense to install.

Consumers live in real time and have come to expect near immediate results. A quote of up to one week wait, and several hours to install a traditional system may discourage a consumer from purchasing a system. That puts consumers’ motivation at risk and impacts the security industry as well.

The industry is hungry for a more streamlined, scalable, and easy-to-install system (see this 3 min. Helix time-lapse installation video – security for an entire house in less than 13 mins). Wireless technology has given the industry the ability to outfit any structure with a system relatively quickly. Sensors can be placed almost anywhere… no wiring required.

2. Intuitive interfaces
The interfaces on traditional systems present a notoriously difficult learning curve for users. The screens and logic were created with the system in mind rather than the user. A side effect of these challenging interfaces is again, consumer non-compliance and apathy. And once again, we find ourselves in a situation where consumers are at risk and the industry suffers.

We only need to look to the interfaces consumers can’t put down to know what trends we should be following. Simplified, intuitive, haptic interfaces are in two-thirds of the population’s hands every day. Why should a security system’s interface stray from this dynamic?

3. Flexibility and customization
The one-size-fits-all approach hasn’t appealed to consumers for a while now and the security industry is no exception. Every system will have unique needs and constraints which means consumers want flexibility and customization. Whether that means the ability to integrate with legacy systems or hardware or flexibility with the placement of sensors and panels, consumers want solutions that will adapt to their lives, not the other way around.

The future is with the consumer
For the industry to continue to meet the needs of consumers, we need to keep the end user at the center of our designs, service, and revenue models. If the systems we’re developing and selling aren’t anticipating consumers’ evolving needs and expectations, they’ll find ones that do.

Interested in how the Helix can help you meet your customers’ needs? Learn more here >>

Dealer’s Edge: Top security stories this week

Welcome to Dealers’ Edge, a bi-weekly collection of what caught our eye this week on the web. As a professional security dealer, you’re busy focusing on your business, keeping your existing customers happy and finding opportunities with new ones. Oftentimes, you just don’t have the time to keep up and be in-the-know of everything that’s happening in our industry. Yet, you know how important this is to stay competitive.

That’s why we dedicate a post every other week to include links to articles that are interesting for our industry. We’ve done the homework so you won’t have to search for what’s important and what’s not.


DCda_15V0AAMld4Resolution Products Integrates Wireless Technology With Pella Smart Windows, Doors
Integrated within Resolution’s Universal Translator family, Pella’s Insynctive Technology will be compatible with leading home and business security systems.

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Insurance, the Smart Home, and the Business of Keeping Customers Engaged
How insurance and other industries are keeping customers engaged through smart-home technologies, remote IoT services, product warranties and client communications.

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5 Steps to Successful Smart Building Automation
More efficient lighting and climate control is one of the several cost-saving benefits a smart building can offer your customers. Smart buildings are on the rise around the world as companies recognize the potential cost savings of automation. With the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT), every building with an integrated security and access control system has the capability to also integrate the building’s energy use, water use, ventilation and more. Here are five steps to ensure successful automation of a commercial facility.

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Easily Deployable, Effective Water Detection with Trident

It happens in an instant, and costs over $2.5 billion to insurance companies every year. A 1/8th– inch pipe crack can leak over 250 gallons of water in just one day! The infographic below from illustrates just how much water damage and mold costs to homeowners and insurers alike, and just how common the problem really is.

There are also some great prevention tips that anyone can follow, including inspections and system maintenance. And now there’s a way to offer your customers one more layer in the water damage line of defense. Trident, by Resolution Products, is easily deployable, effective water detection. Designed to detect not only leaks, it also detects high and low-temperature changes, protecting pets too.

Learn more about the new environmental sensor, Trident, and see how it can help improve your business today. Request a call from an experienced member of our solutions team.



Dealer’s Edge

Welcome to Dealers’ Edge, a collection of what caught our eye this week on the web.


Wide Majority of Millennials Value Convenience More Than Safety

A survey conducted at South by Southwest (SXSW) 2017 by SureID identified 83% of millennials valuing convenience over safety.

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The Ultimate Guide to ISC West 2017

Delve into SSI ’s overview of the annual conference to learn about the educational offerings, networking events, among other activities to help plan your itinerary.

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Top trends in access control cited for 2017

Using access control to make a building smarter – helping end users improve operational and management efficiency – has been cited as a major trend in access control for 2017 by CEM Systems, which also listed some other developments to watch for.

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Webinar: Top 10 IoT Technologies for 2017 and 2018

The Internet of Things (IoT) will demand a wide range of new technologies and skills, including new hardware platforms, new networks, new operating systems, new types of high-volume data processing, new cloud services, new endpoint management tools, and new standards and ecosystems. This webinar explores 10 of the technologies organizations must master to excel in the age of the IoT.

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Spring & Summer Technology & Security Industry Events Not to Miss

Spring is just around the corner and there are some exciting events on the horizon! We hope you can join us at one or more of the events below for the latest in the technology and security industry.


Courtesy of ISC West














LTS | March 29, 2017

LTS Maryland

Lanham, MD


LTS | March 30, 2017

LTS New Jersey

Mount Laurel, NJ


ISC West | April 5-7 2017

Sands Convention Center

Las Vegas, NV

Resolution Products booth 22067


ESX | June 13-16 2017

Music City Center

Nashville, TN

Resolution Products booth 311

Dealer’s Edge

Welcome to Dealers’ Edge, a collection of what caught our eyes this week on the web.


Water Damage by the Numbers

By Water Damage Defense

When you consider the statistics, it becomes clear just how common and devastating a problem water damage can be. According to industry estimates, 14,000 people in the US experience a water damage emergency at home or work each day, and 98% of basements in the US will suffer from some type of water damage during their lifetime.

The costs are just a staggering as the frequency. Water damage and mold cost the insurance industry $2.5 billion dollars per year, and the average cost of a home water damage insurance claim is $6,965.

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Three Resolutions for a Changing Security Industry

By Aaron Upham

Over the past years, the security industry has changed and with it emerged new challenges and opportunities. Today, cybersecurity, big data and the Internet of Things (IoT) are key trends that any large organization must address. In the security industry, it is important for organizations to realize these developments and formulate a strategy to meet client and stakeholder needs. Just as people use the new year to set major goals, so too can security leaders use the beginning of 2017 to make a plan to meet the industry’s biggest challenges. Below are a few resolutions that can benefit everyone in the security industry.

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Global Smart Home Market Poised to Grow 15% Annually by 2022

The smart home market worldwide is expected to see a double-digit spike in annual growth for the next five years, with revenue reaching $53.45 billion by 2022, according to a new report.

In 2016, the smart home market, which involves automation of every aspect of residential buildings and home appliances, was estimated at $24.1 billion, according to an industry report published by Zion Market Research last week.

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SDM 2017 Industry Forecast: Envisioning Change

By Laura Stepanek and Meg Psiharis

If the word “change” isn’t part of your business plan this year, you’d better rethink it. SDM’s 2017 Industry Forecast Study showed that two-thirds (67 percent) of participating security dealers and security integrators increased their total annual revenues in 2016, and their average increase was 16 percent — a sizeable, but not unreachable growth rate. Roughly one-third (32 percent) stayed flat. But one area in which bigger change was substantiated was in recurring monthly revenue (RMR) measured by the study. More than eight in 10 security dealers and security integrators (83 percent) said their RMR rose in 2016 — by as much as 64 percent on average.

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Introducing Trident: Easily deployable, effective water detection

Trident 13Resolution’s new environmental sensor, Trident, was designed to be easily deployed in areas were wall mounted sensors are inconvenient. Trident’s specifically designed underside draws water in, ensuring the leak is detected. This sensor also can detect low and high temperature changes, ensuring pets and belongings aren’t exposed to harmful temperatures and pipes don’t freeze during harsh winters.

Water damage is one of the most common and costly home insurance claims. Trident helps mitigate those risks by offering an easy-to-install sensor that can be deployed just about anywhere to help detect problems as soon as possible.





Trident helps detect leaks in areas that may otherwise go unnoticed, such as:


Trident 6Under appliances

  • Refrigerator
  • Dishwasher
  • Washing machine
  • Water heater





Trident 7Near water-usage areas

  • Sink
  • Toilet
  • Bathtubs









Trident 10Low supervision areas

  • Garage
  • Cabin
  • Vacation home
  • Basements prone to flooding









Click below to learn more about Trident and get a copy of the datasheet!

Learn more about Trident!

Tech Talk: 3 ways security systems help manage Mother Nature


Welcome to Tech Talk, a monthly series with Kyle Fosburgh, training and support specialist at Resolution Products. In this column, Kyle covers the topics that he encounters every day in his work with professional security dealers. If you have suggestions for Tech Talk topics, leave a comment below for a future post.




The heart of winter is upon us which makes this the perfect time to talk about the solutions dealers can suggest during the cold weather months. Security—and peace of mind—isn’t just about protecting against home invasion, it’s about anticipating Mother Nature, as well. Here are a few considerations your customers should keep in mind when choosing their security system:Trident 6

  • Temperature monitoring – Many systems can monitor temperatures within a home or apartment, alerting occupants of high heat or
    freezing temperatures.
  • Flood monitoring – Be sure your system includes flood monitoring. Water damage is a leading cause of home insurance claims.and even those in colder climates still have concerns with pipes freezing and causing water damage.
  • Easy installation – Look for a system that gives the ability to easily monitor all areas of the home. Attics, sump basins, cellars, furnace and boiler rooms and the like.
  • These can all be difficult areas of the home for sensor placement and RF range.


Temperature monitoring – some systems can monitor temperatures within a home or apartment, alerting occupants of high heat or freezing temperaturesResolution Products has a wide variety of support to help manage Mother Nature. Our Helix platform supports all three of our environmental devices and with lightning fast alerts you can get a notice if any environmental condition is present in your home. The Trident sensor, Home Disaster, and Temp Range sensor are also available in compatible formats for GE/Interlogix, Honeywell, DSC, and 2GIG. This allows Resolution Products to offer peace of mind around the industry.

Adding these value-added features to a home intrusion system is an easy sell as it helps your customers protect their belongings, pets, and insurance premiums!



Click below to talk to our team to learn more about how the Helix platform,  the Trident sensor, Home Disaster, or the Temp Range sensor can help keep tabs on the environments inside homes and apartments.

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