Building a Company with the Mission to Support Professional Security Dealers

At first we were just making sensors, not the full system. Dealers started saying, ‘You guys should build a panel. You should do what all the other guys are out there doing, but do it right. You guys get it.If Brian and the rest of the Resolution Products’ team take cues from anyone about what to deliver next, it’s our customers. Our customers told us we were the ones to do it. That is very humbling, and we take that very seriously.


Most of the existing panel manufacturers were chasing a larger screen — making it bigger, better and prettier. They continued driving down the path of the security system being the touch screen consumers would use. The problem with that strategy? Consumers already own a touch screen. In fact, most families have several. It’s iPhones, iPads, Galaxies, and any other smart devices on the market today. Consumers have chosen their connection to the world, and it isn’t on a wall in the hallway. Before we decided to make a panel, we were frustrated watching the other manufacturers chase the wrong target, but after we started the new Helix architecture, we were delighted! We had so many of the parts already in place, so we were a long ways down the road on the grand development to deliver a panel that helps both dealers and consumers.


So off we went– working on a system that wasn’t focused on the panel but a wireless solution that could be placed anywhere in a home. One that could be controlled by the devices that have become so native to consumers– phones and tablets. It was an undertaking, but it was the right thing to do, so we did it.


When it came time for reactions at ESX 2014, we held their breath. With the dealer being at the center of everything we do, this was a crucial moment.


We had a very heartening experience. Dealers reactions were one of two– ‘Finally, someone gets it…’ or, ‘I didn’t see this coming, but YES.’
These are the reactions that we live for.


Whether it’s cliche or not, we end all of our conversations in the same way. We tell customers, we’re here to solve problems and make a difference in your business.


One of the key ways the Resolution Products team stays close to the customer is simple, but not easy. It’s through high-touch, deep engagement with dealers. We talk to them every day, and our wide line of products connect us to them across many aspects of their business. Their struggle is our struggle, and we exist to solve their problems… problems that often some other manufacturers aren’t taking the time to address. That’s also how we decide what’s next. Dealers will tell us the truth– the real stuff. It’s a mutually valuable connection.


When it comes down to it, Resolution Products is in the business of making products for the dealer. That’s what we wake up every morning to do. We believe that the dealers’ success is Resolution Products’ success and vice versa.


“Caring means having a really good product and having a good product is how you make a difference.”

The market is moving and changing faster than ever. We merged on September 6, 2017 with ipDatatel to grow faster and serve you better with an even more unified and secure communications ecosystem.