Tech Talk: Z-Wave schedules keep homes safe for the holidays

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The holidays are a time when many of us look forward to being with friends and family which often means spending time away from home. Here are some great suggestions not only for yourself but your customers as well.

Z-Wave schedules can be a great solution to minding an empty home for the holidays. Nothing signals you’re out of town like auto-timed lights turning on around the house. Z-Wave schedules get around this challenge with highly-customizable timing options. To help you and your customers secure your home for the holidays, we’d like to share a few tips on keeping your home well-lit using Z-Wave.

Before configuring your lights, be sure to choose lights that aren’t easily seen from the outside. This can give off the opposite effect if someone can see you’re lighting an empty room. Try to use rooms with blinds or that are on upper levels of your home.

Conserve energy Z-Wave outlets and appliance modules can also help automate and schedule the on and off of your Christmas lights and Christmas tree. Simply creating a schedule to turn on around sundown and turn themselves off in the middle of the night to conserve energy.

Easily configurable Schedules can be easily configured by the end-user from their web portal. Schedules can be updated at any point to find their needs. It can be as simple as configuring one light on a timer to alternating lights.

Customizable Schedule lights to turn on and off at different times, in different areas of the house. This gives the impression of movement around the house. You can also mix up the schedules so that each day your lights are turned off and on at different times and in different locations than the day before.

Z-Wave scheduling is a great way to deter a prowler, but your security efforts shouldn’t stop there. The biggest deterrent for a burglar will be the alarm system itself. Make sure you arm your system every time you leave your home.

Wishing you a safe, secure, and happy holiday season!

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Universal Translator Named by Security Sales & Integration as a Top Innovation of 2016

We’re excited that our Universal Translator has been chosen by Security Sales & Integration as one of its Top 30 Technology Innovations of 2016! The top 30 innovations are a compilation of the year’s top electronic security industry products and solutions handpicked by SSI’s tech editors.

“Resolution Products has been doing so many exciting things the past few years it is sometimes hard to keep track. One of its products that really caught my attention recently is the Universal Translator. Alarm dealers that have the opportunity to take over an existing wireless security system account can now offer a special deal to their new customers.” – Bob Dolph, of Security Sales & Integrations’ Tech Talk column


Click the image above to learn more about Resolution Products’ Universal Translator

Some key benefits of the Universal Translator are:

  • A selector switch making it compatible with almost any panel the dealer is installing
  • The hardwired system provides power to devices using the integrated power supply and backup battery, and is fully UL compliant
  • The RE508X has a well-designed, spacious wiring area simplifying installation

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