Anyone in the business of designing a product should know that a key feature, a very important feature is the ease-of-use of that product. Designing a product that’s easy to use is not just nice but it’s a must in today’s competitive world. Consumers have plenty of choices and they don’t tolerate less than superior products that are hard to use.


In a piece by Mike Rundle, posted back in 2010, titled: Why Apple Succeeds & Others Fail, he touched on a subject that’s still very relevant today. IPadHe wrote, “Apple’s products sell because they focus on the overall user experience and how people actually use the device, from when they buy it in an Apple Store to the first time they open the lid on a MacBook Pro all the way through its lifetime… Apple products are easy to use. It’s cliché to say this now, but people can pick up a brand new product like the iPad and figure out how to use it without getting frustrated. Apple’s products work well.”


This is the way how we, at Resolution Products approach our product designs. We focus on the end user/consumer, the installer, the dealer and anyone else who may come in contact with our product. We aim for each of our products to be “plug and play”.


This approach is the very reason why Resolution Products was ranked #1 for the category: “Ease of Use, Once Installed” according to a recent 3rd-party survey done by Readex Research commissioned by Security Dealer & Integrator.


Ease of Use Once Installed

This is why Lisa and Bradford Schulz have been very happy after getting their Helix security system. We introduced this young couple in an earlier post, Security Dealers Can Improve Consumers’ Lives with Helix. early April of this year.


“Our life has changed for the better, we have made a complete 180,” says Lisa. “The first night after getting the Helix installed I slept better than I had been in months. We are so grateful.”


Not only is the sense of security appealing, but convenience features of the Helix platform have made the couple’s life easier. Consumers get to use a medium they’re already incredibly familiar with to operate the system, a convenient smartphone app and not a traditional wall-mounted touch screen.



Helix can be installed anywhere within the home, proving it’s flexibility compared with other systems. The design of Helix had specifically the installer in mind. If you haven’t seen the time-lapse video that showed the installation of an entire Helix security system in less than 15 minutes, we invite you to click >>here to watch now.


Easy to Install

In the same Readex Research survey, Resolution Products was ranked #1 for the category, Ease of Installation when compared with the top security system suppliers in the market.


For security dealers, we know so much of the costs is in the installation. With a platform like the Helix, you’re able to offer a great product and lower your costs in onboarding a new customer. It’s the best combination.

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