With over 100 combined years of serving customers and a passion for excellence, it’s no wonder that Resolution Products’ sales team is ranked #1 in a 3rd party survey by Readex Research. The survey is from a 2016 brand satisfaction study of suppliers for the security industry.



At Resolution Products, we’re extremely proud of our people and how they serve our customers’ needs. So, we’re dedicating this post to introduce to  you  all our sales team members. The introduction is in each of their own words on what they love about their work. Two key common themes are their love for solving customers’ problems and being surrounded by great people at Resolution Products.




Rich Buus, VP of Strategic Accounts

Rich Buus, VP of Strategic Accounts:

“What I like most about my job is the great group of people with whom I get to interact, both inside and outside of Resolution.

What I find most satisfying about what I do is what I also used to love about being an engineer – the joy of solving problems. Rather than solving technology problems, I’m solving business problems by using technology – but I find it more satisfying to solve people’s problems than to make electrons behave.”



Mike DelMedico, Inside Sales Representative

Mike DelMedico, Inside Sales Representative:

“Working for a company that from the top down, has a strong passion to produce the most innovative products, and provide the best overall experience possible. The culture throughout Resolution is what provides us the opportunity to work towards being the best we can be. Finding solutions for our customer’s needs is just as important as having the best products to provide that solution. It’s a pleasure to come into Resolution every day, and work with the team we have.”



Eric Finckler, Strategic Accounts Specialist


Eric Finckler, Strategic Accounts Specialist:

“What I like best about my job is that a primary responsibility involves interacting with employees on all different levels of the organization and across all functional areas. I love that I get to learn new things about the company/industry everyday, and they are not all sales specific. I also really appreciate the sense of family around our workplace and that Resolution Products truly values people on a personal level.”




Josh Hauser, Director of Sales

Josh Hauser, Director of Sales:

“Picking one thing as “my favorite part of​ the job” is tough. Truly, my favorite parts of the job are the “little things”. I’ve had so many fantastic times with customers that have turned into peers, partners, and some friends. The common denominator that ties all of those fantastic times together is the “solution”. When I see the look in someone’s face after they get where I’m going and we start collaborating on a deal or a project; that’s what drives me.

I would be remissed if I didn’t mention and give credit to the founding group of men I work for: Brian Seemann, Paul Saldin, and John Bergman set the bar for the entire team, and it’s been an incredible and wonderful 5 years working for them so far and I look forward to many more. Anyone who has met these guys over the years knows exactly what I mean. If you haven’t, you should!”



Haley Field, Inside Sales Representative



Haley Field, Inside Sales Representative:

“I love that I get to interact with people all day, customers or coworkers. I also love being able to problem solve and help others at the same time.”






Matt Gehr, Sales

Matt Gehr, Sales

“The people I work with and for make it easy for me to enthusiastically come to the office each day. I want to succeed so my colleagues and management/ownership succeeds. When you really, genuinely care about the people you work with and for, there’s a whole new level of drive that goes into your role and responsibilities. I haven’t experienced that prior to Resolution.”





Don Weber, VP of Sales:

“I like the opportunity to grow the Sales Team and deliver new innovative products  to our dealer network.” Read an earlier post about Don when he joined us as the VP of Sales with over 40+ years experience of delivering solutions to customers and helping to meet their business growth goals >>HERE.
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