Stay Top-of-Mind & Offer Your Customers a Piece of Mind with SAFEid

I have had multiple customers be on the fence about signing up with us, and when I explain the complimentary SAFEid program it’s pushed them over the edge and got them to sign up for a security system as well.”

As a professional security dealer, how do you stay relevant and top-of-mind with your customers? What if you could offer an add-on service that 40% of your customers are already paying for—but would rather be paying you for?

You’re used to selling security protection. Typically in this space that covers the tangible things like physical property. While that’s an incredible value proposition what home security, even in the new world of home automation, doesn’t cover are the intangibles—like protection against identity theft and cyber bullying.

A new identity is stolen every two seconds. And according to the Federal Trade commission, the number of identity theft incidents has reached over 13 million per year.

Especially today, considering these aspects of personal security are just important as the physical, so it only makes sense to offer customers a complete solution.

Enter SAFE and the SAFEid offering, created for dealers to offer their customers.

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A Simpler Way To A Smarter Home


One of the biggest pain points customers feel when thinking about upgrading to a connected home is adding more gadgets into their life. More gadgets means more remote controls, more passwords to remember, and, as a result, more headaches.

One company out to rid the smart home of migraines and resorting to economy-sized bottles of ibuprofen is Wink.

Wink is a smartphone app that lets you connect virtually any smarthome product to the app and control it from there. What makes Wink so impressive though is not just that you can connect one smarthome product, you can connect all your products and have one universal remote control sitting in your pocket at all times. While many technology-driven products come with complicated control features, Wink’s interface is incredibly simple.


Additionally, because Wink integrates all of your smarthome products into one place, you can make your products even smarter by allowing them to talk to one another. For example, within Wink, you can set a trigger so that when you unlock your smart deadbolt, a message can be sent to your smart air conditioning to kick on. As Wink says on its website, “think of it as teaching your home to think on its own.”

The app also allows you to control multiple products with a single swipe, and gives you real-time looks at your monthly energy consumption. Wink even will integrate with iBlinds, the Kickstarter campaign we previously featured.

Connected homes make life easier. Wink makes it simpler.

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Is Cellular Service Really Mandatory?

With self-contained systems becoming old news, do security dealers really need to spend more on cellular services for their customers?

The whole security industry has bought into cellular. Phone-based Interactive services have become a must-have for consumers. With nearly 7 billion cell phones in the world, this demand is understandable. The challenge for dealers is that most platforms require a cellular module be added to the panel in order to offer interactive plans.   Dealers will position this as a value to the consumer, but in reality it is an unnecessary cost.

But isn’t a cellular card required to provide interactive services? With new technology innovations happening every day, the answer is no.

Self-contained systems are widely used, but they need to be installed near an entrance door for the consumer to conveniently control it. However, this presents significant hurdles for dealers to make the communications connection. In order to enable interactive services and more importantly the alarm reporting, the dealer has to purchase a cellular card for around $100 dollars, greatly increasing their account creation costs. In an effort to appease their customers, the interactive providers will arm the dealer with material attempting to demonstrate the value consumers get by having a cellular connection.

So how does the dealer save money, but still provide these valuable services?

With a hub that provides all the benefits of a wireless self-contained platform, but is inherently designed to deliver smartphone interactive services.  A system that comes standard with an ethernet port; an uncontained system designed to be easily installed near an ethernet communication point.

Helix provides a supervised ethernet connection on every installation, providing full UL compliant alarm reporting and interactive services for every user. Cellular can now be presented as an added benefit, delivering two supervised communication paths for the security system. By positioning this as an add-on, the consumer can be asked to pay the extra hardware costs, and potentially even a small increase in the monthly fees. They receive the real and psychological value of back-up communications, and the dealer reduces costs.

Wireless innovations are giving dealers new opportunities to reduce account creation costs and grow their businesses. And that’s what Resolution Products strives for.

Helix was invented to provide both dealers and consumers with options. The option to install the system where the dealer needs to, the option for the customer to control using their smart device, and a modular architecture that allows dealers to only add cellular, Wi-Fi or Z-Wave expansion cards when needed. This means the dealer doesn’t have to empty their pockets to keep their customers connected and happy.

Cellular service can be a great thing to provide for the consumer. But it shouldn’t be a mandatory expense. Select a platform that gives both you and your customers choice. Select Helix!

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Configure Your Helix Easier Than Ever With The New HeliLink Installer App

Helix made history as the first professional security panel designed from the start to deliver interactive security and home automation services from a mobile device.

Here to make history once again, and make life even easier, today we’re introducing the HeliLink Installer App. HeliLink is a brand new smartphone app that allows you to completely configure the Helix system from—you guessed it—a smartphone.

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Keep Your Home Protected While You’re On The Beach: An Inside Look at iBlinds

Welcome to our weekly home automation product coverage—features that get you in-the-know on the latest connected home technology in less than two minutes.

Going on vacation is one of the most relaxing and enjoyable activities a family does together. What’s not relaxing and enjoyable is planning that vacation. From figuring out accommodations, sights to be seen, and travel time, to making sure your neighbor picks up your mail, and your house doesn’t give off the “WE’RE NOT HOME! COME AND STEAL FROM US!” vibe.

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New Professional Security Dealer Forum: Shape Your Industry; Grow Your Business

The security and home automation space evolve every day. As new products come out, adoption increases, and businesses either thrive–or don’t.

How do you stay on the pulse of the security industry, of home automation’s heartbeat? To help you stay ahead of the curve and grow your business, we’ve created an exclusive new professional security dealer forum—think of it as a mastermind mind group of the best of the industry.

Why should you join?

  • It’s a place to share advice, tips, info on this connected home era to evolve your business, decrease account creation costs and provide new services.
  • We’ll have candid conversations about the way the business is changing, and how to capitalize on those changes.
  • These conversations are also a great way to understand what consumers value and how to leveraging those things in your own business.
  • This forum is a private area dedicated to knowledge sharing. Ask questions, provide advice, post interesting articles—as long as it’s related to helping our industry evolve.

Ready to join the forum and help shape the future of professional security, the connected home and home automation?

In addition to joining a mastermind group of peers, we’re giving the first 20 people who sign up a Resolution Products NanoMax product of their choice for free!

Sign up for the forum now.

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