ISC West 2015: Recaps & Happenings from the Security Industry’s Largest Event

ISC West is one of the biggest events of the year. We were excited to take part in the conversation and have attendees see and experience the Helix platform in person. Here’s a roundup of ISC West happenings and content following the incredible event.

SSI Editor Checks in With 14 ISC West Exhibitors
Editor-in-Chief Scott Goldfine sums up select highlights from his busy show schedule including a check-in with Resolution Products. “The really hot item is the firm’s new Helix panel, which can be installed virtually anywhere and communicates with smartphones via Bluetooth and Internet. The modem-like device has no GUI and when combined with SecureNet Technologies services is positioned to facilitate Internet of Things (IoT)-type connectivity and control.”

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What Does Wireless Home Security Really Mean?

Ben NyeMeet Benjamin Nye, husband, father of three girls, tennis and golf enthusiast and Internet of Things technology consultant. Benjamin and his family recently moved from a traditional security system with a panel on the wall to the wireless Helix platform. We asked Benjamin to share what home security– specifically wireless home security– means to him and his family.

Here’s Benjamin to share his experience– 

With a growing family and a new home, I bought a security system for peace of mind and safety for my family about six years ago. Over time, the system became rather antiquated and limited. I wanted a system that could do more. Being in the technology space, I know and trust the knowledge of the people who built the Helix. Because they were a part of its creation, I knew it’d be nothing less than a rock-solid solution, so we decide to go with it.

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Internet of Things, Home Automation & Professional Security Events You Can’t Miss

The next few months are full of top technology, Internet of Things, home automation and professional security events. Here’s where you’ll be able to hear from subject-matter experts and experience new technologies like the Helix Platform, the first fully wireless professional security system that can be installed anywhere in the home.

We’ll also post live updates and insights shared at events on Facebook and Twitter with the respective event hashtags below. 


Bluetooth World 2015, April 14-15, Santa Clara, CA

Resolution Products engineer Rob Hendrickson will present at Bluetooth World 2015, the only global Bluetooth technology focused conference. Hendrickson is a leader in wireless technology and the designer of the first wearable wireless call button, created for GE Security. Bluetooth World is an official event of the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG), held at the Santa Clara Convention Center.

Social Media: @BluetoothEvents | #BlueToothWorld

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Lessons Learned in Building an Award-Winning Product for the Security & Home Automation Industry

Innovation has rapidly changed the home security industry, and we’re proud to be a part of it. We’re able to play a role in this evolving world because of our team of engineers who find creative solutions to improve the businesses of the security dealers we partner with and the lives of homeowners who have our products.

The Helix platform, launched in December 2014, is the first professional security panel designed to deliver interactive security and home automation services from a customer’s mobile device.

In the past, Resolution Products has been well-known for making compatible sensors, but not the full system. Over time, dealers started suggesting, “You guys should build a panel. You should do what all the other guys are out there doing, but do it right. You guys get it.” With the dealer voice in mind, our engineering team set out to create something new for the market, instead of just another panel.

Security panel

How the Resolution Products Engineering Team Took on the Creation of the Helix. Read the Full Story Below. 

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Building Business Around DIY Security: Insight from Peter Giacalone

Home automation pic

Installing an alarm system can be a sophisticated process, requiring trained and experienced professionals to ensure a properly working unit and a safe install. Due to advances in security technology and the availability of information online, including how-tos and support forums, self-installations are possible for many homeowners.

With self-installation, the work and responsibility lies in the hands of the homeowner. This can be a challenge for security dealers, but it also presents a great opportunity.

In DIY Security Real Deal but Not for the Faint of Heart, security industry expert Peter Giacalone provides insight on the profitability of providing do-it-yourself security solutions as a security dealer, and the challenges that come along with the territory.

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