Home Automation is Sexy, But Security Protection Sells

Smart home gadgets are all the rage. From smartphone-controlled lights and garage doors to crock-pots you can control from miles away, there are tons of connected “things” that make up today’s connected home. But, does the most important aspect of the smart home, the smart home’s true foundation, get overlooked? 

Turning on your air-conditioner on the way home from work is cool– and it’s even incredibly helpful. But, what’s better than cool and interesting is necessity. Security is the smart home necessity. With the right security platform, it can become the foundation in which other smart home pieces– the cool or interesting things– can be built upon. 

Lowe’s recently conducted a smart home survey, polling adults 18 and older. Among the results of the survey, 52 percent of Americans feel that having a smart home is at least somewhat important to them. The most telling statistic is that 62 percent of Americans who completed the survey rank security and home monitoring as the most beneficial reason to own a smart home. This surpassed other benefits of smart homes, including cutting costs and saving money on energy bills (40 percent).

Security Sells

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