Sales Sizzle Without The Screen: Connect to People, Not the Wall

There are many people in the security industry that believe a wall mounted touch screen drives consumer adoption of security and automation services.  But, there are a couple of little companies out there—like Apple, Google, and Samsung—that have a different opinion.  Successful delivery of security and home automation services need to connect to the consumers’ life, not to their wall. Especially in this new “age of the customer”, it’s about optimizing user experience, not about the way things have always been done.

A quick review of the popular features of these new and advanced security platforms highlights why this new experience will drive the market.  Many widely-installed systems from companies like Honeywell®, 2GIG®, Qolsys® and Interlogix® all promote being able to easily review the weather, turn on lights, or view the latest news from the convenience of the hallway where your security system is installed.  But today, people already have this information in the palm of their hand.  How?  They grabbed their phone or tablet off the nightstand, and did a quick review on the latest news and other topics of interest.  People groan enough, just being asked to go change the thermostat; why will they be delighted to go check the weather in the hallway?  If “automation” means going to that screen over there, how carefree is that going to be?

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All Things Connected: Customer Relationships & the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things has changed the way companies approach customer relationships. Sell it and forget it is a thing of the past. Customers have new expectations for the organizations– and people–that they buy from.

In Here’s Why Every Company Is A Service Provider In The Internet Of Things Era, Michael Wolf says, “By maintaining ties with your customer and providing an ongoing service relationship over the life of a product, chances are you’ll see benefits in lower overall support costs, higher customer retention, and better product understanding (which ultimately means better product creation).”

Internet of Things Changes Product Interaction

He goes on to explain how the landscape has changed.

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