Monetizing The Internet of Things (IoT) In Connected-Home Security


Resolution’s Helix™ platform places security dealers directly in the IoT market!

There are countless research reports, numerous acquisitions and continued corporate investments being made to pursue and understand the Internet of Things. Gartner indicates this market will reach 26 billion units by 2020, delivering over $300B in incremental revenue. Cisco projects 50 billion devices will be connected by 2020. Intel is much more optimistic, projecting over 200 billion in the same year. A theme consistently reported by market research firms, corporations and economists is that devices will be connecting to networks at a feverish pace. Business models will evolve to monetize the expanding ecosystem of communicating devices. Many new entrants will likely look to security dealers as a path to accomplish this, given their proven delivery of services around connected sensors.

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All Things Connected: How Can The Internet of Things Help You Connect to Customers?

You know the story– more devices are connected and accessible via smartphones than ever. But, this connectability not only makes consumers lives easier, it provides a new opportunity for businesses to connect with customers.


In 3 Ways the Internet of Things is Shaping Brand-Consumer Relationships, Alex Nunez points out that “as we connect ever more items to this Internet of Things (IoT), the relationship between consumers who use the objects and the brands that manufacture them will invariably change. For businesses looking to stay relevant in the era of IoT, learning to manage and leverage the new dynamic in brand-consumer relationships will be key.”

Internet of Things

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Tech Talk: What do DIY Systems Mean for the Professional Security Industry?

Are DIY systems a threat to the success of professional security dealers? An opportunity? Both? Who better to ask than top security experts who live and breath this space. So, we set out to get your perspective on what emerging DIY systems mean for professional security dealers.

“What do DIY systems by companies like Google (Nest), Apple and Best Buy (Peq) mean for the professional security industry? How can professional security dealers stay relevant in this competitive market?”


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