All Things Connected: Report Says Nearly 70 Percent of Consumers Will Have In-House IoT Devices

Darren Allan of BetaNews covered the Acquity Group (part of Accenture Interactive) 2014 State of the Internet of Things Study this week, which has the latest Internet of Things (IoT) and consumer adoption statistics.

As Allan points out, the headline statistic is that the firm estimates 69 percent of consumers will own an in-home IoT device by the year 2019.Connected Technology Adoption by Consumers

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All Things Connected: Ten Ways Connected Devices Will Impact Every Organization

The Internet of Things is no longer just a hot topic, it’s more of a reality than expected. As Vladimir Pick cites in “Ten Ways Connected Devices Will Impact Every Organization,” this year the number of mobile-connected devices will exceed the world’s population.

Internet of Things

Here’s a piece that covers foundational knowledge of IoT. 

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Consumer Concern: Are Some Security Systems Vulnerable?

blog photo 1Security systems are designed to keep people safe, of course, but recent reports discuss the vulnerabilities of today’s mainstream systems. Though security system hacking is generally unlikely and not a tangible risk, there is an increasing awareness among consumers about encryption methods and the exposure of sensitive data.

A recent piece on Security Sales, “How Intruders Can Disable Home Security Systems” explains that false alarms could be set off from up to 250 yards away using a software-defined radio. Disabling an alarm would require closer proximity of about 10 feet from the home, but can still happen. These false alarms and vulnerabilities can occur because the alarms depend on radio frequency signals to the panel. The problem? The systems don’t encrypt or authenticate signals– so they could be coming from somewhere else.

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Three Articles that Identify the Hottest Market Changes

Security systems are increasingly becoming smarter and more interactive. Customers want a product that’s intuitive, long lasting and convenient. They’re asking for more out of their purchases. They want a device that has multiple uses and that’s easy for them to work with.

So, which products are taking over the market?

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Residential Security in the U.S.

Residential security in constantly growing and changing in the U.S. Early adoption of technology is increasing, causing consumer electronic ownership to increase as well.

iphone-4s-devicesThis insightful residential security study done by Parks Associates shows that over 70% of broadband households have a smartphone and 17% of U.S. broadband households reported having network security cameras in 2014. The increase in smart technology leads to more consumers wanting remote monitoring and control capabilities.

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